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1. Why is your head office in Labuan, Malaysia, SE Asia?

Our market is SE Asia. The most obvious financial and company formation jurisdictions in SE Asia are Hong Kong and Singapore. However for us Labuan was a ‘no brainer’. Many people have witnessed some hostile political instability in Hong Kong so we chose not to be domiciled there. Singapore is expensive and its slightly stricter governance can be a potential hinderance in our quest to become one of SE Asia’s fastest growing companies through 2021 and 2022. We need stability and flexibility as we scale the business.


Labuan, Malaysia is the pure white horse of SE Asia and offers all the security and stability we need, doubled up with a strong financial jurisdiction, built on English regulatory principles. Many people forget that Malaysia is a former British colony.


Corporate tax in Labuan, Malaysia is also extremely low. Labuan has a stable economy, ranked third in the ASEAN, and ranked 12th in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2020.


A list of other notable businesses sitting alongside us in Labuan....



• Berkshire Hathaway Insurance (Warren Buffett– the worlds greatest investor)

• Bank of America

• Air Asia

• JP Morgan


• Citibank

• Deutsche Bank

• QX Trust (our custodian)

2. How is Clark Asia ‘asset backed’?

Clark Asia owns the land of the condominium developments.  Building condominium towers on the land increases the Asset value of the development, thereby increasing the company’s overall value.

3. If I invest when do I get my dividends?

You will receive your annual dividend payment after the one-year fixed grace period, suggested first pay out Q4 2021; and every year after that same date, until such a point where there is a significant change in the company, i.e. listing, which is scheduled for application in 2023 and this may take up to, or more than 1 year. Scheduled dividend payments are as follows:

• Q4 2021 8%

• Q4 2022 9%

• Q4 2023 10%

• Q4 2024 11%

• Q4 2025 12%

4. Do I have to pay tax on my Dividends?

All shareholders are responsible for reporting earnings to their respective tax jurisdiction in their country. Please seek professional financial and tax advice in your country.

5. Is there a minimum Investment?

Yes, the minimum investment is GBP £20,000 / EUR €22,000 / USD $25,000

6. How many shares do I get for my investment?

Clark Asia share value is USD 1 par value.  Therefore, with a minimum investment of USD 25,000 you will receive share certificates representing 25,000 shares in Clark Asia.

7. Do I Need a Broker to buy shares in Clark Asia?

Clark Asia have appointed brokers and consultants to promote the equity sale of Clark Asia stock. You can be directed via a button “invest now” on this website. The application process is extremely easy. If you need help or advice on this matter please click here to schedule a call. All payment information / money transfer details are also provided on the application section click here.

I want help to invest

8. What happens if I want my money back?

All investments are fixed only for 1 year.  If you decide to exit your investment, Clark Asia, depending on its current liquidity, will purchase your shares back. No matter how big we are or how busy we are, we care about our shareholders because they believe in us. We are a friendly business and we want the best for our shareholders no matter what. You can call or email head office at any time.

9. How does CLARK ASIA see the economic outlook Post Covid-19?

Clark Asia retains its forecast of a global recession in 2020, stemming from the sharp downturn in Q2 2020 due to Corona Virus, and as such used our time to analyse the impact to SE Asia.  Our team of financial and economic experts examined our existing pipeline of projects and, where necessary, adjusted our economic outlook, projections and strategy according to our findings. Already we are seeing the start of a rebound in Q3 2020 whereupon Clark Asia launch its pre institutional investment round.


Generally across Asia Pacific GDP growth forecasts were revised down to -1.4% from the previous forecast of +4.2% made in January. However Philippines and other nations in SE Asia are showing signs of resilience and as such we expect these countries to bounce back quicker than, say, UK, Europe, USA and South America, where the impact of disease, recovery, mortality and economic issues has been much greater. It has to be noted that some of the aforementioned countries were slow to contain the Covid-19 virus (lockdown) and possibly too fast to re-open. It is important to add that our initial project is in the Philippines, where lockdown was implemented soon after China and remained under strict conditions right through to July / August 2020, thus controlling the spread, vastly controlling the mortality rates and most importantly helping the economy to recover faster than most other countries. CLARK ASIA remains positive to begin construction on project 1 in Q4 2020 as delivery is not until Q1 2022, whereupon the local market will have stabilized and maintained its high ranking as one of Asia fastest growing economies.

10. Who are QX Trust Co. Ltd and why are we sending the investment money to them?

QX Trust are an established and regulated company in Malaysia. They are licensed to receive client investor funds and we are not. It also gives peace of mind to investors that they are dealing with appropriately licensed and regulated entities. We have detailed contracts in place to safeguard your funds and issuance of share certificates through QX Trust. They are licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authority under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010.

Click here for QX Trust "CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING" issued by the LFSA.

QX Trust have been instrumental in corporate advice to CLARK ASIA and are playing an influential role in the way we are scaling our business.

“We want the best for our shareholders no matter what.
You can always contact us at any time”

David Hadway, CFO CLARK ASIA