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As a pre institutional investment funding round, Clark Asia has launched a private equity sale of up to 20% of its stock to retail and HNW investors.
Be smart with your money and let it work for you with annual dividends starting at 8% and ROI of 4x in 3 to 5 years.
Clients only send funds to our independent and regulated custodian, QX TRUST CO. LTD. They are licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authority under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010.
CLARK ASIA GROUP LIMITED is a private limited company managed by a senior team of highly qualified and experienced board members from the UK, Europe and USA.

Follow the simple application procedure, become a shareholder and start earning.

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“A business created with land & property assets, immediate revenue, investor dividends, latest technology, sustainable properties and a highly experienced management team.”


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Investor Highlights

ROI 4x in 5 years or less

Dividends paid annually starting @ 8% yr 1, incr. annually to 12% yr 5

Listing on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (scheduled application 2023)

Strong management team and advisory board

Excellent financial forecasts

Tech and sustainable driven business

Minimum investment GBP £20,000 / EUR €22,000 / USD $25,000

High growth business $67m+ pipeline

Revenue $24.5m in 24 months

Investor Highlights

Dividends Paid to our Shareholders

Q4 2021
Q4 2022
Q4 2023
Q4 2024
Q4 2025

Projected dividends paid against amount invested

Proposed Annual Dividend Payments (USD)

Invested Capital20212022202320242025Total Dividends

Dividends listed are projected and due to economic factors may be higher or lower than above. The annualised dividend yield is calculated based on the latest dividend distribution.

The process

How it works


1. Do your research, speak to one of our consultants and/or an external advisor.
2. Read FAQ’s click here
3. Investor Deck is on our website click here
4. Investment Memorandum is available on request click here
5. Decide how much to invest.
6. Application click here
7. Send your completed application along with your passport copy and proof of address to Clark Asia or your broker / consultant
[utility bill / phone bill / bank statement MUST SHOW name & address]
8. Transfer funds to our regulated custodian QX Trust (bank details on application form). Click here to learn more about our regulated custodian QX TRUST CO. LTD.
9. Receive your shareholder documents by courier from QX Trust within 7-14 days


Gain further reassurance and knowledge by booking a call with a consultant who can present this opportunity to you and answer any questions you may have.

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Shared Value Increase

Projected Annual Share Increase

% Increase30.1%41.9%26.3%35.4%41.0%
Invested Capital20212022202320242025

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If we’ve answered all your questions and you feel ready to invest in Clark Asia click here.

The application process is simple. It contains a brief subscription letter along with terms & conditions.

We require signed original documents along with a copy passport and a proof of address. Please forward your printed and signed original documents to our Malaysia office, as stated in the Application. Alternatively your broker may request you to send your application to them. DHL, FedEx and UPS are couriers we recommend.

Disclaimer: The content of this promotion has not been approved by an authorised person within the meaning of any financial services and markets act in any country. Reliance on this promotion for the purpose of engaging in any investment activity may expose the investor to significant risk of losing all of the property or other assets invested. Any person who is in any doubt about the investment to which this information relates should consult an authorised person who specialises in advising on investments of the kind to which this information relates.